Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Invasion of Sibu Photographic Society members into Belawai KRajang

Big catch by the fishermen , after long hours at sea.

The kids rushed to the jetty to help their fathers with the catch.

Empty fuel drums were pushed ashore for refilling. At their age they are already showing good teamwork .

The kids like their photo taken. This time around , it seems that they knew our purpose of coming to Belawai. This is probably because our previous trips so any cameramen who will vist Belawai in the future will not have problem looking for their subjects.

In the early morning our shutterbuggers were already around to take pictures.(Time and tide waits for no photographer).

Mr Chiew left early that morning as he has to catch an important meeting in Sibu. So he missed our morning photoshot at the beach in Belawai.

We had 2 models wearing Melanau traditional dress, they were staff of the Kain Songket factory.

Moving on... the photo team roam around the kampung and never get to miss any shots. Our Martin Sia once mistaken as a Kelabit by our fellow photographer.

Smoked Shrimps House

This time round we are very fortunate that we are invited to witness the demostration of how the shrimps were smoked(baked) into it's final product dried shrimps chips.(Sesar junjur in malay).

Its was really heaty inside this smoked house as all sides of the house were covered , leaving little holes for the sunlight to pierce in.

I was told that this was the most traditional method on how the dried shrimps was proccessed.And another info was that they used special kind of firewood(I couldn't remember its name) for the fire and it gives very special aroma to the shrimps.

We were all sweat when we came out from the smoked house.

Photographers' Gestures

While many of the photographers were concentrating their activities , I manage to steal some shots of them in action.

Our veteran Mr Chiew was very encouraging the way he handled photography.He could not miss having a tripod when a shot is in his mind.Not forgetting Mr. Martin who have been involved in photography for many years.Ngeing and Beng beng were among others not short of photo skills.

I am very happy that they were contented of our trip to Belawai and Kuala Rajang.

Taking children photographs are our favorites, both photographers and the subjects really coordinate.

It's minutes away from home.Most of the passenger are getting ready to disembark

I was eager to get home , as I wanted to watch the Sibu's Cub Prix that day.