Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A freshstart in Kota Kinabalu

Wan Jing still not decided what to have for breakfast.

Ah Sie ordered kopi O pok for two.

Having Indian's menu.

A nice hot vermicilli soup with prawns.

We started our day with having breakfast at a coffee shop. When the group is big it's diffucult to find enough chairs.

The way we were.

Aiee.someone took me on

Getting to get familiar with SLR camera..Ah Ning learnt fast on how to use it.That's Canon 400D in his hands..while Wan Jing waits for her brother to take of her photo.

Ah Ning with his family at the Mt Kinabalu Park.

Mr Low offer potato chips.He is very jovial person on earth.

Mr and Mrs Low.Happy time at Mount Kinabalu Park.

Sabah filled with mountaneous areas

Eggplants well planted ..size very extra ordinary compare to ones found elsewhere.

Scenic view of Sabah hills.

Group photo.(22 September 2009)

More scenic attraction in store for tourists.

See the waterfall far end.


Towards the Makuna Island.

Flora applenty.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Going to an Island - Pulau Tunku Abd Rahman,Sabah

Negotiating for a better price deal with the travel agent operator .
Wan Jing anxious to go to the sea side.

All are ready inside the boat that will take them to the Island.

Victory sign from Ah Ning..means we almost reach the Island
Happy ever for Sie Sie.

This is the boat that will bring us for the Paragliding activity in the open sea.
Mom and Dad of Cheng Ning and Wan Jing.

Up.. Up.. and will be the most scaring experience for the first-timer.

Ah Ning and his Auntie taking their turn.

Now it's them up there. Don't look straight down you may not like it.

Just managed to locate a place as a catchment for all the belongings.

All gear up into the sea shore.

Tiredless Wan Jing strolling around the beach.

The beauty of the Manuka beach at Pulau Tunku Abdul Rahman.

Wan Jing , looking for sea shells.

My Sie sie , auntie to the two little siblings, Ah Ning and Wan Jing.

Ah Ning looking tired after spending his time swimming in the sea.

The market place and newly build buildings

The vegetable markets are very popular to the visitors as one's say the price of the commodities are cheaper.

The evening scenery at the wharf alongside the city.

Many high-rise buildings have been constructed facing to the sea.
Condomoniums, hotels alikes.

The evening on the third day in Kota Kinabalu

Having a treat at a seafood restaurant in Kota Kinabalu.The menu were mostly seafood. Crabs, Prawns and fish. I must tell you that they are really fresh and taste really good.

Apart from being served with good food ,we were also entertained by cultural troupe performing typical culture dance.

Aminah (right) and Anita (left) managed to put a smile when they posed for the cameraman.They works in this restaurant.

Mr Low having the honor to pose with the performance dancers.
Group photograph with the dancers. There's some similarity in their costume to that of the Iban in Sarawak.

We had a walk about in the market place along the harbour in the early morning before leaving for Sibu in the afternoon.