Thursday, March 12, 2009

Lubok Antu Trip

We came across a group of foreign tourists proceeding to a longhouse in a longboat by the river.

The river downstream from the batang Ai Hydro Dam was very clear that we could see through its bottom.

Wild fresh flowers were aboundance as we walked along the jungle track.

And we could also hear the cry of wild animals and birds flying freely in the forest. Not to mention the gushing sound of the river.

I think this is what we called ZooM Malaysia.

The entrance Arch to Lubok Antu town was made of concrete and the sculptures done by the locals.

Few shophouses can be seen offering products from handicrafts to electronics gadgets.

This is another point of embarkation for visitors to be picked up and transport ed to other places.Its seems that water transportation is very popular here.

Outdoor photographers will definitely love this place as there are so many beautiful scenes. Our time spend was very short and couldn't take so many photographs. We will be back again in the very near future.

This photo was taken from the Jetty where boats will be hire and tranfer visitors to other points of the Batang Ai lake. The Hilton Resort was somewhere right from this view.

Batang Ai

If not for my photographers friends, Steve & Philip , I would not have been to this beautiful serene place called Batang Ai.

Last Sunday (08Mar09) in the early dawn they fetch me from my home and out we go to Batang Ai in Lubok Antu.(closed to Indonesian borders.

We took about nearly 4hours to reach there if not less time if we do not stop to have breakfast along the way.

This was my first trip to Lubok Antu and I very glad to be there.