Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In existence since 1991,the KL birdpark can be an ideal place for photographers who may want to get an experience in bird photography. Situated about 10mins taxi ride from KL city , one can find as many bird types as possible (from a freshwater bird to an Eagle).
Each adult may need to pay only RM15.00 per entry and it opens from 0930am to 0400pm.
It surely be a nice outing for old and young people.
A stream that provides a good gathering place for the birds, especially the Egrets here there were fed with dead fishes.
Besides the fish meal the birds are also feed with fruits, like the Papaya as shown in the picture.
After meal this dove got it's peak messy , but still looked cute
Probably there's a Hair saloon nearby???

This Pelikan, it could be the grandfather to all pelikans around

Scarlet Ibis, a wonderful Red feather freshwaterbird.

Burung Kenyalang (Hornbill) surprisingly found this Kenyalang in KL and not in Borneo.

Hornbill Restaurant, where you can get a heavy meal and overview the Park from the top.

While having lunch, you may be surprised by an uninvited guest such as this egret.

The Amphitheatre , where you will find genious birds (mainly the Parrots) will do some performances to get you into laughter.

Foreign tourists are common visitors , they came as far as from Morrocco , Germany, India etc.

Flamingo kiosk, while you may get tire somehow after a long walk , a kiok may be found where you can seat and get yourself some refreshments.