Wednesday, December 31, 2008

One for the Album. The Methodist Secondary school former student Class of 1975 & 1977 held their usual reunion dinner on the 27th December 2008 at the Empress Ballroom Kingwood Hotel Sibu. This time around they were honoured to have the very special guest , Dato Sri & Datin Sri Wong Soon Koh. ( Formerly ex teachers of the school).Thirty years was a very long time that many who present hardly recognise each other . Many activities were carry out during the function that eventually recall our younger days . Our aprreciation goes to Ms Tan Leh Lim and her team for their effort to make this reunion a success. I could only post some other photos without caption as I have difficulty to mention names etc. I wish all of you Happy 2009 and may good time and health be with you all.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

In existence since 1991,the KL birdpark can be an ideal place for photographers who may want to get an experience in bird photography. Situated about 10mins taxi ride from KL city , one can find as many bird types as possible (from a freshwater bird to an Eagle).
Each adult may need to pay only RM15.00 per entry and it opens from 0930am to 0400pm.
It surely be a nice outing for old and young people.
A stream that provides a good gathering place for the birds, especially the Egrets here there were fed with dead fishes.
Besides the fish meal the birds are also feed with fruits, like the Papaya as shown in the picture.
After meal this dove got it's peak messy , but still looked cute
Probably there's a Hair saloon nearby???

This Pelikan, it could be the grandfather to all pelikans around

Scarlet Ibis, a wonderful Red feather freshwaterbird.

Burung Kenyalang (Hornbill) surprisingly found this Kenyalang in KL and not in Borneo.

Hornbill Restaurant, where you can get a heavy meal and overview the Park from the top.

While having lunch, you may be surprised by an uninvited guest such as this egret.

The Amphitheatre , where you will find genious birds (mainly the Parrots) will do some performances to get you into laughter.

Foreign tourists are common visitors , they came as far as from Morrocco , Germany, India etc.

Flamingo kiosk, while you may get tire somehow after a long walk , a kiok may be found where you can seat and get yourself some refreshments.

Monday, October 20, 2008

When I arrived Bejaya Timesquare KL where the event was held, photographers were already crowded, leaving me little chance to position myself to get good angle on photoshooting.
There you'll see young & old and people from all walks of life displaying their photography skill. It was really thrilling .
Mr Foo Kok Kin sharing his experience assigned photographer for the Royal family, to the audiences .
There were also many other professional photographers giving talks on photography during the KLPhotography festival.
I stumbled upon this huge lens at one of the booth. It's a Canon lens 600mm costing at RM37,000.00. Phew! Any canon camera owner interested to get one?
If you point it towards the moon , you can still see the American Flag very closely planted by Niel Armstrong years ago.
TAMRON'S GIRLS - they are sponsored by Tamron lenses company to promote it's products.
Tamrons lenses are getting more popular among SLR users as they fits to most of major cameras brand.On top of this the prices are very affordable. Amber Chia our very own supermodel was team up with the Cocorich Girls during the KL photography festival 1-19Oct 2008.
Those Sibu photographers who may be interested in Tamrons Lens may contact Super Color Photo , Jalan Tuanku Osman, Sibu .Contact Tel no.084 331928 for Mr Ho.
The most anticipated model of the event, a supemodel cum actress, Miss Amber Chia .Guess many of you knew her from fashion mags and also movies. A very promising career for her. She did came to Sibu about 2years ago promoting a movie, where she acted as a girl being hypmotised by evil spirit.Well she loves acting in horror films. She also appeared for several advertisements .I can tell you she is very friendly and I was made to know that she was a Sabahan, surprisingly. One of my friend commented that she looks like a Kadazan. What say you?
She is the most jovial model of the event as she gives more smiling gesture than the other models
Beautiful, doesn't she?
This Model was sponsored by Fujifilm. I couldn't managed to get her name.So let's call her Kitty, nice?

This is another model from Fujifilm stage. Looks eurasion but very serious but I gave many shots of her photos cause she very seductive in her posing.

Friday, August 29, 2008

When it comes to the month of August any year, we may not just get excited about the National Day but we also find other exciting events, like 'remembering late Elvis Presley'.
Globally we read or watched in TV on how people impersonate him by organising shows in August.
In Sibu we are not short of as we have our very own Elvis , He is no other than John Sia or known as John Elvis when on stage.
Last Sarturday he hold his show(Elivis & friends) brought in big crowd in one of local hotel in Sibu.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ayu..just couldn't wait to get them cooked.

A good discussion will result in a good teamwork. Joe..please sit properly. You definitely do not want them to smell your shoe.
DJ.. my first impression of you was that of an indonesian borne. Surprisingly you are from catcity(Kuching). Very good mentor to SACS.
In some ways she looks like my sister's daugther. SACS needs you in the team very badly.
In some ways she looks like my sister's daugther. SACS needs you in the team very badly.