Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Canon PhotoMarathon 2009..I was there.

That's me, Abana fondly called by my pix-buddies.I managed to fix a date for the event last saturday although I had to rush up and down.I flew in to KL late night on Friday.(Secretly haa.haa.)

I managed to captured this activity at the Sunway Lagoon.It was all fun for most of the people around here.

Photographers in action as there 's good prize for graps sponsor by Canon Company.

This Lady photographer concentrating on the her subject.

Everyone was eager to take photographs.

The Splash

For Canon user photographers were given a free general cleaning for their cameras. I don't want to miss and I managed to get 2 of my Canon SLRs cleaned like new.

The competition is on. Hey! guys take your sweet time, it's alright there's still plenty of time to go.

Not forgetting my Fish-eye lens which I frequently used during the event.

As I looked up and down I saw this lady..having bananas before the start. she doesn't seem to hurry like the rest. Cool it baby!!!!

This cap was given free apart from the Red T shirt for the participants.
World of EOS that' world of photography.

The registration counter kept the protocol busy all the time especially in the first 3hours.They were courteous and friendly.Canon knows how to pick the people for the job.

This is Zung(The Photoz),the most celebrated & decorated wedding photogaper. He was around to speaks on photography. That black dress was his trade-mark.( I believed).And I think he was also among the judges for the contest.

The starting and the finishing of the Marathon lies here.

Canon let no space unused..this is the sales & products counter where many canon camera products were on displayed. Those people in pink shirt are no ordinary guys, they are Canon A-Z knowledged staff.

Participants were given 3 themes for the contest.And you ve to work it out creatively by yourself. ( I did mine.)

That's it...go!!..go!!!..go!!!.

A nice location in the Sunway lagoons.

Meet my new friends , Tsutsumi Hayashi ,a Malaysian with a Japaness name??? from Penang and his friends from KL. You can get your foreign name from the Facebook haa.haa.haa..

Couldn't wait to see how the pix appear to be in the LCD. Of course chooing which to be submitted. God will if I won I should be in Tokyo Japan in November2009. If no win..will be at the Marathon once again in 2010.


Sarawakiana@2 said...

Well captured moments. Good luck to your photographs!
Nice to know about Canon. My first camera which I used to take photographs for your school magazines was a Canon. That's a long time ago.

abana said...

Thanks Sarawakiana...Result already out not a chance or me .got to try again next time.

t.p.tong said...

hey ! abana ! you must have enjoyed clicking all around !
it seemed mixing up excitement and fun eh !? good for you to share !

abana said...

T P Tong; How I wish our sibu photo team around to share the event.

uncleawang said...

Nothing much to say haha..I'm Olympian..anyway nice t-shirt & cap.

abana said...

Uncle Awang..hee hee..biar kalah contest jangan kalah gaya.
Actually Olympus siadak kuarangnya..important jurugambarnya..I browse your site..not bad semuanya...awesome photoes.