Thursday, February 19, 2009


Unlike the urban kids , these kids may not spend most of their time strolling around shopping complexs or entertainment outlets.
For what they can do in these small coastal villages (Kuala Rajang, Belawai) was to go to the sea side with fishing hooks or helping their parent at home.
When they saw us they were very curious yet looking forward to be acquainted.Once fraternized , they were more than happy to pose for photoshots.

Wooden fishing boats of Belawai

When older boats needs repair , a team of the coastal village men will come together to either repair or make a new boats.This has been a usually practice here. They couldn't afford to get expensive tools so much manpower is needed.

I am impressed by the helpfulness that they had potrayed.

The boat are coated with furnish paint and led to dry out in the sun.
On completion a boat need to be registered with the Fishery Department then licenced by the Fishery Development Board(LKIM) before it can be allowed to operate to the open seas.

It will take a very skillfull person to ensure a perfect finishing.

Recent trip to Belawai with Philip & Steve. We visited a fishing village(Belawai) and stumbled over a group of men(presumed fishermen) building a wooden fishing boat.
When I first saw the wooden structure of the boat, remind me of Noah's Ark.Can you ever imagine, one have to construct a huge boat to accommodate many animals as huge as elephants.